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As part of the our MGS Program's efforts to enhance its outreach to wider society, in the coming spring semester 2013, our program will offer to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI, http://olli.illinois.edu/) an eight-week course. The course will be entitled:
 'Constructing Greek Identity (-ies): Greeks and the Others from Antiquity to the Modern Times'. All instructors involved have agreed not to claim any money for their contribution to the course and, therefore, all the money to be received will remain in our
 program's budget. More details on the course description and structure can be found in the  document following  this message. The course will be soon advertised on OLLI's website.

Stefanos Katsikas


Dr Stefanos Katsikas MA, PhD (London),

Historian of Modern Greece and Southeastern Europe,

Director of the Modern Greek Studies Program,

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics,

707 S. Matthews Avenue,

Urbana, Illinois 61801 USA

Tel (217) 333-3563

Fax (217) 244-8430

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Modern Greek Studies Program, University of
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Course Proposal (Academic Year 2012-13)

Dr. Stefanos Katsikas


Proposed Course
Title: “Constructing Greek
Identity(-ies): Greeks and the Others from Antiquity to the Modern Times”



Abstract: This course aims to explore how Greek ethnic groups of
Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, known also as Hellenes, have
defined themselves in terms of origin and how non-Greek ethnic groups viewed
Greeks from antiquity to date. How have perceptions of both influenced their
relations? How have Greeks seen themselves in relation to Europe and the
Europeans and how those perceptions reflected in the way that Greek societies
were organized and presented themselves to the others? Has there been a uniform
perception or have there been conflicting views on what makes someone ‘Greek’
(or Hellene)? How has Modern Greek nationalism been emerged and developed?
Since 1981, Greece is a member state of the European Economic Community, which
since 1993 was renamed into European Union: how does the Greek identity relate
to the European from a historical, cultural and socio-political perspective and
how does it function in the family of European countries? Will too much
diversity in the European Union eventually lead to a loss of identity for
Greece? This broad interdisciplinary course will attempt to provide answers to
these questions by examining certain aspects of Greek history, politics,
ideology in addition to culture and the literature.

 The course draws
upon ancient, medieval, early modern and modern textual, visual and
audio-visual sources as well as on epigraphic and archaeological evidence.
Cross-disciplinary approaches to the issues of place and identity, developed in
the fields of history, politics, cultural anthropology, ethnology and
psychology, are introduced when appropriate. No knowledge of Greek (ancient or
Greek) is required). The class is taught in English and all readings will be
available in English 


Structure of
the course:


‘From Panhellenism to the Greek-Persian
     Wars and the Athenian Empire’ (Angeliki Tzannetou, Classics)‘A Greek Roman Empire’ (Megan
     McLaughlin, History)‘Byzantium after the Byzantium’: Greeks
     and Greek Identity in Ottoman Times (15th-19th
     centuries) (Stefanos Katsikas, MGS Program)Nation and State-Building in Modern
     Greece (19th and early 20th century) (Stefanos
     Katsikas, MGS Program)‘Bulgarian Perceptions on Greeks and
     Hellenism (19th and 20th centuries) (Maria Todorova,
     History)‘The Greek Language: The Question of
     Continuity and the Dialects’ (Marina Terkourafi, Linguistics)‘Nationalism and Diaglossia in Greece’
     (Nikos Vergis, Linguistics, UIUC)‘Integration into the EEC/EU and Greek
     National Identity (1981-) (Stefanos Katsikas, MGS Program)

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