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waterboy from China | 25/01/2012, 10:55

I'm from China. Mr.Theo Angelopoulos is my favorite film director in
the world. For me, Mr. Theo Angelopoulos and Greek rebetika are the
totem of modern Greece. I knew Greece from them. I'm very sad when I
got the news. It's a very unpleasant day though now is Chinese New
Year here. Wish him rest in peace in heaven, and I will always
remember him. At the same time, I would like to say some words to
Greek people, “Keep hope”! my dear Greek friends, i know it's very
difficult time for Greece, but “No insurmountable difficulties“.
Greece is a great country, and Greek is a great nation. You have
defeated the Persian Empire, you have won a great war of independence
from the Ottoman Turkish. No one can beat Greece. Come on! My Greek
friends! Viva Greece!!!!!!

comment in http://www.tovima.gr/culture/article/?aid=439984


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