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- By Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation (www.archipelago.gr <http://www.archipelago.gr/> )

Applied Marine Research & Conservation - An interdisciplinary approach of scientific research and Law & Policy

(March 11 - 17, 2012, with an extra 3-day extension option)

This field course offers a direct learning experience on the Greek seas and islands for students and researchers, by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to marine research, management and conservation actions. The field course also offers a unique, in-depth look into the laws and policies regulating and affecting how marine and other environmental conservation actions are being carried out in Greece at local, state and international levels.

The field course combines time at sea on Archipelagos' research sailing boat, with time on land, on the Greek island of Samos where our marine research base is located. Participants will learn, discuss and help Archipelagos develop actions to better preserve and protect the important biodiversity and ecosystems of our seas.

The eastern Aegean region is of the most important remaining biodiversity hotspots in the Mediterranean and the EU! Our seas are home to a large number of endangered species and habitats, that are being threatened by harmful anthropogenic activities and in desperate need of protection!

Topics covered include:

  *   Marine Mammal Biology & Conservation
  *   Fisheries:  Research, Ecology & Management
  *   Littoral Ecosystems, Ecology & Conservation
  *   Monitoring of seagrass beds using underwater imaging
  *   Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and conservation management planning (CMP)
  *   Law and Policy for Environmental Conservation

During the extra three day option, the participants can select from a wide range of activities such as, guided tours exploring Samos island (archaeological sites and traditional villages), participating in zoological surveys (assessing populations of priority species such as jackals and chameleons), attending dedicated sessions with Archipelagos researchers, on topics of their special interest.

For more information regarding dates, fees and the application process, please contact fieldcourses at archipelago.gr <mailto:fieldcourses at archipelago.gr>

We hope to see you on the Greek islands this spring!

Best regards,

Anastasia Miliou

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation

www.archipelago.gr <http://www.archipelago.gr/>

Anastasia Miliou
Hydrobiologist- Manager & Head Scientist
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation, www.archipelago.gr <http://www.archipelago.gr>

Greek Ambassador in the EU, for Sustainable Fisheries & Maritime Policy

Marine Research Base: P.O. Box 152, Ormos, Marathokampos  83102, Samos, Greece, tel ++30 22730 37533 <tel:%2B%2B30%2022730%2037533>
Terrestrial Research Base: P.O. Box 1, Rahes 83301, Ikaria, Greece, tel ++30 22750 41673 <tel:%2B%2B30%2022750%2041673>
Admin Office: M. Voda 89, 10440, Athens, Greece tel. ++30 2108253024 <tel:%2B%2B30%202108253024> , fax ++30 2108253783 <tel:%2B%2B30%202108253783>

mob. ++30 6974744949 <tel:%2B%2B30%206974744949> , a.miliou at archipelago.gr

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