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- a song that readily comes to mind is the Eleni Dimou version of the famous 'Hurshat ha'ecalyptus' by Naomi Shemer, one of the legends of Israeli popular music.

In the last decades, the more specific context of the original song is normally forgotten as it is sung as a lyrical ballad by many 'big voice' singers (such as Lara Fabian or Ishtar). The Greek version by Thodoris Poalas, completely transforms it into a song about strained love; a moving song, I must add.

the original here


Dimou's version here


and the two versions side by side by Dorit Farkash


[btw. Farkash has sung a great number tens of Greek song in Hebrew - most of them available on youtube]



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Many of us know how popular Greek music is in Israel, and many Greek
songs can be heard there, be it in Greek or in Hebrew. But do any of
you know of any Israeli songs that they have been sang in Greek (same
music, possibly different story)?

[All answers welcome, but preference for songs without a Yiddish etc
past (like "Balalaika") or Arabic past -- the one I came across this
morning is 100/% Israeli, and, what a useless hint, it is the only
song its Greek 'composer' has been credited with...]


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