[MGSA-L] Asking American colleges/Universities to send enrollment figures for Modern Greek classes

Artemis S Leontis 1 aleontis at umich.edu
Sun Jan 15 20:18:51 PST 2012

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

The MGSA undergraduate committee annually collects enrollment figures
from undergraduate courses in Modern Greek taught each term in U.S.
and Canadian colleges and universities in language, history, culture,
Greek American history/culture, etc.  For many good reasons, it is
essential to have accurate data of the numbers of students enrolled in
modern Greek classes.  The Association began to collect these figures
in 2004 and aims to continue to keep an annual record in ts archives.

Please note that the MGSA keeps the detailed report but only publishes
a summary and analysis of the figures without specific reference to
the enrollments at any particular institution.

At this time I am collecting enrollment figures for the 2010-2012 (winter)
academic year (2004-12 from institutions that have not sent me figures
in the past). Please FOLLOW THE FORMAT BELOW to send me your  
enrollment numbers.
Give real and not rounded or approximate numbers, and please break it
down by term:

Name of Institution

1stYr MG language semester/quarter 1
1st Yr language semester/quarter 2
1st Yr language semester / quarter 3
2nd Yr language semester/quarter 1
2nd Yr language semester/quarter 2
2nd Yr language semester/quarter 3
3rd Yr language semester/quarter 1
3rd Yr language semester/quarter 2
3rd Yr language semester/quarter 3
any other MG language course (conversation; heritage learners, etc.)

MG History
MG Culture
MG Literature
MG Anthropology, ethnography or folklore
MG Music or dance
Greek Americans
other courses with a significant modern Greek content, including
courses in politics, film, music, literature, anthropology, ethnography


Artemis Leontis

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