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Modern Greek Studies Program
McGill University

Winter 2012 Courses

CLAS 230D2: Introductory Modern Greek (S2)
George Kellaris
An introduction to modern Greek with emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and
oral comprehension.

CLAS 335: Language and Civilization: Modern Greece
Tassos Anastassiadis
TTh 10.05-11.25
This course addresses the needs of students having engaged in learning the Greek
language in an advanced level. The course offers a panorama of Modern Greek
culture and society through the study of a multifarious corpus of documents
(visual, audio, textual) in Greek pertaining to the year’s thematic topic.

This year’s topic is the CRISIS. The course will start with an analysis of
current events in Greece since the sovereign debt crisis started two years ago.
The focus will be on both the actual aspects of the crisis (and will provide a
certain number of technical terms and knowledge in order to be able to
understand and explain events) and the discourse on the crisis. Progressively we
will start moving backwards in time in order to examine similar type phenomena
and discourses held in Greece about other periods of crisis from the late 18th
c. to the present day.

CLAS 404: The Classical Tradition
Tassos Anastassiadis
TTh 2.35-3.55
Who owns Classical Antiquity? Academics, dilettante antiquarians or “the
public”? Do monuments and ideas belong to States or Humanity as a whole? Why has
the classical past fascinated so many people, been reinterpreted so many times
and given rise to so many public uses and, one is tempted to say, abuses (ex.
the Nazis and the Olympic Games)? What is the connection between archaeology,
colonialism, nationalism?  Why do people are ready to travel far away, engage in
a costly voyage and spend so much time under the burning sun just to see ruins?
This course will address all these issues. It will examine the evolution of the
interest in and study of Classical Antiquity from the 18th c. to nowadays
through the simultaneous and intertwined processes of the progressive
professionalization of history and archaeology as academic disciplines, the
emergence of nationalism and the nation-states, the transformation of cultural
practices from the Grand Tour to the modern museum and mass tourism.

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