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Vassilios Lambropoulos vlambrop at umich.edu
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The Modern Greek Program at the University of Michigan 
has posted on its website the following event:
The Significance of China and Greece for a Theory of World Literature
A lecture by Alexander Beecroft, Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina
Alexander Beecroft received a BA (Honours) in Classics from University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) in 1995 and completed his PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University in 2003. Professor Beecroft specializes in the literature of ancient Greece and Rome and of China to the end of the Six Dynasties era (AD 600). He is particularly interested in archaic Greek epic, lyric and tragedy, Roman lyric and elegiac poetry, and Shi Jing, Chu Ci and early shi poetry in China. Other research focuses include anthropological and linguistic approaches to literature, cross-cultural poetics, world literature, models of intercultural literary interaction and the poetics of gender and sexuality in ancient cultures. He is the author of "Authorship and Cultural Identity in Early Greece and China: Patterns of Literary Circulation," published by Cambridge University Press in February 2010.
This lecture inaugurated the year-long series "The Classical in Modern Times: A Year on China and Greece," 
a collaborative six-event project of the Confucius Institute and the Modern Greek Program at the University of Michigan.
Vassilis Lambropoulos

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