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Many see much less by way of demolition and much more in terms of bile in the essay by Manolis Vasilakis, an individual who was sued a number of times and lost many legal defamation suits; Vasilakis is also the author of a mea culpa in which he apologizes publicly to many of the people he offended and who accepted this apology in lieu of other court-imposed judgment. (the Vasilakis apology may be found in many of sites and blogs on the internet)

As for the review, it certainly cannot claim to be critical for whatever may be the limitations of the Markezinis book, it sole purpose appears to be to demean, to diminish and ultimately to defame not only the author but a gamut of other scholars and authors. One is reminded of the way Goebbels "demolished" the reputation of those perceived as opponents.

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> List members interested in Markezinis's professional trajectory will enjoy this definitive (and often funny) demolition of his latest ambitions. Note the biting title!
> http://www.booksreview.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=128:-sir-basil&catid=53:-20-2011&Itemid=55
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