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Hellenic Studies


In the Name of Europe:

Public Administrators, Interest Groups, and Experts

in Greek Immigration Policy-Making (1990-2009)

Georgia Mavrodi
gmavrodi at princeton.edu<mailto:gmavrodi at princeton.edu>
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Hellenic Studies

Most often than not, the impact of EU membership on Greek policies and politics is simply treated as "self-evident" or it is sought in the formal adoption of legal norms and institutions. What about the actors? How do they perceive, understand, and even instrumentalise the EU "from within" the policy-making processes? The policy issues concerning foreign immigrants in Greece can provide a magnifying lens to observe different actors at work and their positions and strategies as regards to the role of the EU. In this lecture, the focus will not be on the "usual suspects" (such as the Greek political parties or the government) but on smaller and under-researched - yet important- players: the public administration, non-governmental organisations, workers' and employers' associations, and the Greek Ombudsman.

Georgia Mavrodi graduated in International Relations and Political Studies from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. She holds a Master of Arts in European Studies from the University of Bath and the Humboldt University of Berlin; and a Master of Research in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute, Florence, where she also earned her Ph.D. in Political Science (2010). Her doctoral research focused on the Europeanisation processes in the new countries of immigration in the EU with a special emphasis on Greece. Georgia Mavrodi specializes in European integration, Europeanisation, and comparative immigration and refugee policies. Her publications include articles in international referred journals and chapters in edited volumes. She has taught at the James Madison University MA Program on European Union Policy Studies (2009-11) and at the University of Siegen (2011). She has also been a researcher at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute (2010-11).
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
6:00 p.m.
Scheide Caldwell House, Room 103

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