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Salary and privileges of members of parliament in Greece
Posted on October 3, 2011


A lot has been said recently in the Greek media about the salary,
allowances and benefits of members of the Greek parliament. MPs insist
that their pay is not all that high, that they incur considerable
expenses for the cost of running their office, and that cutting back
on their benefits will cause “parliamentarian poverty.”

Yet no one really knows how much Greek MPs are earning.

The deputy speaker of parliament, Gr. Niotis, rejected on 23 September
a proposal by far-right leader G. Karatzaferis to send a letter to the
media with details of MPs’ pay, allowances and benefits. So I decided
to research the relevant legislation to figure it out for myself. Here
is the result of my research, with links to the relevant
law/decree/decision for each item.


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