[MGSA-L] OSU Modern Greek Program presents Amalia ARVANITI

Christopher Brown brown.2583 at osu.edu
Sun Oct 9 12:02:19 PDT 2011

Ohio State University Modern Greek Program
and Department of Linguistics present

Amalia ARVANITI, University of California, San Diego  
Professor Arvaniti is the leading authority on the phonetics of Midern Greek, and especially its accentual and rhythmic properties.

Romani Intonational Phonology
3:30 pm Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Hayes Hall room 25 (northeastern corner on the Oval)

She will be reporting on fieldwork she has done in northern Greece on the prosody and rhythm of Romani, one of the minority languages of the
region. This talk will present a analysis of the prosodic system of Romani (specifically of Greek Thrace Xoraxane Romane) and discuss in some detail (i) principles that can guide analytical decisions with respect to prosody on the basis of messy field-work data and (b) the relationship
between intonation, focus and information structure in Romani and its
repercussions for our understanding of this relationship across

Teaching workshop:
Professor Arvaniti will also be visiting Modern Greek classes, where she will be teaching Greek pronunciation and intonation. Visitors are welcome:
Modern Greek 104, Thursday, Oct 13 1:30 pm Caldwell Lab 102

For more information: http://idiom.ucsd.edu/~arvaniti/

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