[MGSA-L] A deplorable act of historical and cultural vandalism (Roman/Byzantine Walls, Thessaloniki)

Christos D. Katsetos cd_katsetos at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 24 17:41:13 PST 2011

A deplorable act of historical and cultural vandalism in the form of physical destruction
of Thessaloniki's Roman/Byzantine Walls was committed by stone-throwing, rioting youths
on the occasion of this year's "17 November" anniversary. Collective manifestations of such
hostile, unruly, and destructive behaviors, dominated by an obliterative mindset, go beyond
politics and raise deeper questions about problems of contemporary Greek society and identity, 
which lend themselves to discursive social psychological analyses. 
See video clip* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E6ZBTHEYh4

(* The appalling comments entered under this video in youtube, by hate-mongering individuals,
are denounced in no uncertain terms. After all, they are also part of the problem at hand.)  

N.B. In 1988, the "Byzantine Walls of Thessalonica" were listed as one of UNESCO's 
World Heritage Sites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tx-mtatses
Interestingly, in a recent informal (non-scientific) survey it was found that most inhabitants of 

Thessaloniki are not familiar with the history of Byzantine and Ottoman monuments of their city. 

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