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> http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2011/11/20/haris-vlavianos-on-athens.html
> Haris Vlavianos on Athens
> Nov 21, 2011 12:00 AM EST
> Portrays an ‘unquiet’ people in a time of crisis.


> So there is still a spark of life left in this gloomy city, especially
> during the night hours. That loud, easygoing, fun-loving, “unquiet”
> Athenian, as Byron called him, who has recently become the target of
> Northern, hard-working, disciplined Europeans, can still be seen
> eating or drinking happily in tavernas, restaurants, and cafés, around
> Plaka, Theseion, Monastiraki, or Makrigianni—neighborhoods at the foot
> of the Acropolis—or taking a walk with friends in the national park,
> in Mount Lycabettus (a hill rather), in Philopappou, or Kaisariani.
> Perhaps the food and wine on his table are not as exquisite as they
> used to be, but there still seems a need among the anxious,
> debt-ridden citizens of this city to affirm that not everything is
> lost.


A very interesting sign of a changing economy and mentality: I heard of
"home restaurants" where someone with access to a relatively large
apartment and considerable cooking skills agrees in advance with a group
of people to prepare for them such and such a meal on a specific day and
time at a pre-agreed price (and zero tax, of course)!

[Meanwhile I was quite surprised to notice salt and pepper missing from
the tables of an upscale taverna yesterday; further, a passing African
ventor kindly requested, and of course received, a loaf of bread I had left
untouched at the end of my meal -- note here that it is not necessarily
wise to make offers of this kind to 'singing' kids and/or ventors, for they
may get offended (or so pretend).]


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