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Dear Lena,
I will agree with Maria that there is no "perfect" book, so myself, I
prefer to work with a book called "learn greek without a teacher" (!) of
Diagoras publications, because it translates everything in English (there
are versions with other languages too), it is small, cheap, it presents a
wide spectrum of "situations"  and can be used for more than one year. The
downsides of it, are firstly that there are no real exercises for
grammatical practice, and secondly that it cannot be used exclusively in
class. You have to bring extra material (which we do anyway!) and finally
it has few mistakes here and there (which book doesn't!) that you have, of
course, to notify to your students.
Finally, at the end of the book there is a small vocabulary section which
is only english=>greek and not vice-versa.
Regards and wishes
Aggeliki Koumanoudi

Dr. Aggeliki Koumanoudi
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*"Souviens-toi de l'envol, l'oiseau est périssable"
*Forough Farrokhzad (1935-1967)*
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