[MGSA-L] Introductory Reader for Learning Modern Greek

Irene Kacandes Irene.Kacandes at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Nov 17 00:06:11 PST 2011

This is my first posting to the group.  Some of the "oldtimers" might remember  
me.  I always get sent by my dept to Germany in the fall semester when you are  
having the annual conference, so you haven't see me there in many years.

I'd like to let you all know that I put together a reader for individuals who  
want to learn Modern Greek.  It goes from a very elementary story to a very complicated  
one.  ALL words are glossed into English on the opposite page, parts of speech  
are identified, and the glossary contains conjugations. So it's a great supplement  
to other learning.  And unlike a children's story book, its content is for adults.

I have sent some 35  draft copies of the book at the beginning of this past summer  
to various places I knew teach Modern Greek and only two people responded that  
they received the book.  If you did receive a copy and have found typos, please  
let me know (we have already seen many and are busy correcting).

If you teach Modern Greek to English speakers and would like to see it, please  
let me know in the period of Dec 16-Dec 30 of this year. I am still in Germany  
and would appreciate getting this information after I am back.

A donor in Greece funded the project and we will distribute the book *without  
charge* until funds run out.

With warm greetings,

Irene Kacandes
Dartmouth College

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