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Hi Lena,
I truly believe that there is no such thing as the “best textbook” for Modern Greek. However, as a core textbook for my Modern Greek classes, I use ΕπικοινωνήστεΕλληνικά1 (Arvanitakis, K. & Arvanitaki, F.) which I personally dislike but for some unexplained reason students like the textbook. 
Also, as supplemental texts, I use many listening activities and role-play exercises from the following books:
1.    Eλληνικά Α (http://www.patakis.gr/viewshopproduct.aspx?id=581738 )
2.    Νέα Ελληνικά για μετανάστες, παλιννοστούντες, πρόσφυγες και ξένους Α’ επίπεδο 
Moreover, here you can find some useful material: http://www.ediamme.edc.uoc.gr/diaspora/index.php?ylikoWishing everyone a very happy last week before Thanksgiving.
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Hi all!

I will be teaching a class next semester on intro to/elementary Modern Greek (for people with very little to likely no exposure to the Greek language).  Are there any suggestions as to what the best textbooks/resources for teaching such a class might be?

Thank you!

Lena Papadopoulos 

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