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Water Scarcity and Policy in the Middle East and Mediterranean 


Throughout three days: posters 


Friday, November 4: 3:30 pm through 8 pm: 

Pre-conference panel organized by Cornell students (3:30-5:00): "A Framework for Water Sharing" (public and 
conference attendees are welcome) 

Participation, Integration and Action: The International Legal Context for Water Management in the Mediterranean 
Region (Natasha Bhushan) 

Localizing Water: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Community-Based Water Schemes (Diana Biller) 

Protecting Water from the Ground Up: Democratic Process and Accountability for Groundwater Resource 
Management in North Africa (Tamaron Greene) 

Equity in Water Privatization: Balancing Governance and Financial Incentives for Private Participation (Matt Danforth) 

Perspectives on Water Scarcity Management: The Story of Neapolis, Greece and Beyond (Sheila Saia and Margaret 

Moderator: Professor Cynthia Bowman, Cornell Law School (US) 


Welcomes to the Conference by the Cornell Law School (Professor Muna Ndulo) and the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable 
Future (Professor Drew Harvell) 


Invited address: President Baylie Damtie, Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia) 


Reception with food 

Saturday, November 5, 8 am through 9 pm: (conference registrants only) 

Introduction to the day 


First panel: "Water rights and water management" 

Moderator: Adjunct Professor Keith Porter, Cornell Law School 

Saleh Saleh, University of Dundee (Scotland). Transboundary Groundwater Law in the Arid Regions of the Nile Basin: 
An Important Instrument for the Mitigation of Conflict and the Promotion of Regional Development 

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (India). Freshwater Disputes in South Asia and a Rational Water Sharing Model 







Second Panel: "Hydrology and climate" 

Moderator: Professor Tammo Steenhuis, Biological & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University 

Francesca de Ch‚tel, REVOLVE Magazine (France). Blame It on Climate Change: Spinning Syriaís Four-Year 

Professor Nadim Farajalla, American University of Beirut (Lebanon). Drought Frequency and Evapotranspiration 
Trends under a Changing Climate in the Eastern Mediterranean 

Dr. Khayyun Rahi, Oklahoma State University (US). Salinity Changes of the Tigris River Downstream of Baghdad 


Lunch and keynote: 

Keynote: Professor Stephen McCaffrey, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific (US) 


Third: "Mediterranean" 

Moderator: Professor Gail Holst-Warhaft, Cornell Institute for European Studies 

Dr. Irene Klaver, University of North Texas (US). Re-Engaging the Mediterranean. 

Dr. Alia Gana, UniversitÈ Paris (France). After the Revolution: the new crisis of water management in Tunisia 

Vangelis Constantianos, Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (Greece). Transboundary Water Resources 
Management in the Mediterranean: Governance, compliance and water law 

Professor Gaspar Mairal Buil, University of Zaragoza (Spain). Spain: Between ìGrandî and Environmental Water 




Fourth panel: "Water in Palestine and Israel" 

Moderator: Professor Chantal Thomas, Cornell Law School 

Basema Bashir (Palestine). Water Scarcity in the West Bank - Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT): Facts, Figures 
and Realities on the Ground 

Natasha Carmi (Palestine). [[Title pending]] 

Stephanie Galaitsis, Tufts University (US). Considerations and Implications in Constructing a Demand Curve for 
Domestic Water Usage in the West Bank 

Tzvi Levinson, The Levinson Environmental Law Firm (Israel). Shared Resources, Shared Responsibilities. Israel's 
New Legal Approach to Waste Water Treatment and Reuse 


Invited speaker: Professor Michael Scoullos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) 


Dinner provided 


Sunday, November 6, 9 am through noon: (conference registrants only) 

 Roundtable: reactions and discussions from Law, cultural, and hydrological perspectives. 



 Brunch provided. 

Conference website: http://www.sustainablefuture.cornell.edu/events/2011IntlWaterConf/ 

Contacts: Gail Holst-Warhaft glh3 at cornell.edu, 607-255-1554 or Tammo Steenhuis tss1 at cornell.edu, 607 255-2489 
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