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2011/6/28 George Nakos <GeorgeNakos at mail.clayton.edu>:

> I was in Nafpion a few weeks ago and I visited the church of St. Spyridon.
> This church is famous because Kapodistrias was killed there and you can
> still see on the outside wall the bullet holes.   The church is very pretty
> inside, but I was very surprised to see a large Star of David on the middle
> of the floor.  I was wondering if anybody knows whether the Star of David
> has been used as decoration by the Orthodox church and what is the meaning
> of it?

Just like the swastika is not exlusively Nazi, the Star of David is
not exclusively Jewish/Israeli: I was likewise surprised when I saw
several stars in Christian copper works during an exhibit at the
Ethnography (Laografiko) Museum of Thessaloniki several years ago; I
do not even think it has a special religious meaning, it is probably
there just for decoration, thanks ... to its symmetries :-) (And I
believe the real thing is not a D6, as on the flag of Israel, but a
reflectionless C6, as in http://www.mrdowling.com/605-judaism.html !)

For something more genuilely Jewish/Israeli and more esthetically
appealing try something like http://hibba.org/node/391 , a great
departing point discovered today (through my endless youtube


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