[MGSA-L] Daughter of Manos Loizos restricts the use of his father work by PASOK

Lampros F. Kallenos xalkinos04 at freemail.gr
Tue Jun 28 02:49:13 PDT 2011

Myrsini Loizou, daughter of Manos Loizos, send a letter 
addresed "to the Prime minister and the government of 
PASOK", with which it restricts the use of his father's work 
by PASOK, because of PASOK's restrictions on people's 
working and other rights.

In the letter Myrsini Loizou makes specific reference to the 
well known song "Kalimera Ilie".



Manos Loizos singing "Kalimera Ilie".

Lampros F. Kallenos
Idalion, Lefkosia

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