[MGSA-L] Calls grow for Greek Marshall Plan

Lampros F. Kallenos xalkinos04 at freemail.gr
Wed Jun 22 21:16:46 PDT 2011

 > politicians, economists and business leaders are calling
 > for a new approach — a Marshall Plan that would jolt
 > its economy back to life and give its citizens new hope.

There are massive demonstrations going on every day for over 
three weeks now. The prime minister has even been forced to 
resign --and then ...forced to stay... Despite this, mass 
media do not report that popular opposition to the economic 
policy grows, but that what is growing are "calls for Greek 
Marshall Plan".

They are informing us (or, deliberately mis-informing us?) 
about what "politicians, economists and business leaders" 
are doing. Not only that, but we are told that what these 
"politicians, economists and business leaders" are doing 
will "give its citizens new hope". Mass media are thus 
totally mis-representing and mis-informing on what the 
people has so clearly stated in their massive 
demonstrations. Namely, that the best they expect from 
politicians and business leaders is to go away (stated 

Having said the above, it took this newsreport just a few 
lines to tell us that "a second rescue package", as they 
describe it, is being negotiated, but that this packet "will 
likely worsen citizens' financial pain". It was only a few 
lines before when we were told that what they are doing will 
"give its citizens new hope".

Right. That's what happens when Mrs. Samara is not spreading 
turkish propaganda on Cyprus, and decides to inform the 
world on the ongoing economic attack.

Lampros F. Kallenos
Idalion, Lefkosia

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