[MGSA-L] Second cancellation of book presentation and censorship by the mass media

Christos D. Katsetos cd_katsetos at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 14:24:02 PDT 2011

The book presentation of Professor Markesinis' latest book "Η Ελλάδα των 
Κρίσεων. Ένα προσωπικό δοκίμιο,"[*] which was originally cancelled on May 12th 
and then rescheduled for June 2nd, was cancelled once again, for a second time, 
purportedly "on security grounds".  Amazingly, people kept arriving at the venue 
(Grand Ballroom, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Syntagma Square) despite the 
The author elaborates on the possible reason(s) for this (latest) cancellation, 
during a hasty --but substantive and no-nonsense-- interview, which was 
evidently censored by the mainstream mass media in Greece -- see video clip  
[*] http://www.livanis.gr/Μαρκεζίνης-Βασίλειος-Η-Ελλάδα-των-κρίσεων_p-871126.aspx

See video clip of  Professor Markesinis'  interview with  journalist, anchorman 
and political commentator Pavlos Tsimas, which was aired on MEGA  TV channel  on 
13 May,  2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvP4FFB1N0U

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