[MGSA-L] Greek Immigration to the US and Dual Citizenship

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I worked as AHEPA's communications director for 10 years back in the 1990's'
and did quite a bit of research including oral histories, membership in
organizations etc.


You will find AHEPA and the Archdiocese formed about the same time --
1922-23. This point to when a huge bulk of people  decided to stay.  AS far
as the "why" -- the evidence points to internal and external factors at that


Internally to the US , the sharp limits on immigration put in place in
1922-23 as a result of fears over ever increasing east and south-east
European immigration meant both a legal (leaving and returning) and social
need to become citizens.


Externally the oral histories pointed to  Balkan, WWI and especially the
Asia Minor  catastrophe as a significant bump which meant the many of the
Greek men here earning capital to take back home no longer had a home in
Anatolia and instead focused on bringing their families here and staying.


(My own family was denaturalized from their home in a  Post Balkan war
precursor to the G-T exchange in the very corner of SE Bulgaria (real post
facto mutual legitimization of expulsions between Greece and Bulgaria). That
is why there is a bump in citizenship for Greeks from Agathopolis (extreme
NE Thrace) shortly following their earlier loss of homeland.)


George Savidis

Washington DC


PS I don't have the numbers anymore but I believe the Greek male ratio
coming into Ellis pre 23 was very high compared to Italians, and East
Europeans of the same time.  I think only second to Chinese male ratio into
the states.  This is an indicator that a good number of the Greeks here were
thinking of going back



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Following up on the earlier post regarding Greek Immigration, I'm hoping
some members on the list might be able to help me identify some sources for
a paper I am writing on Greek Immigration to the United States and Dual
Citizenship, specifically on when Greek-Americans began to identify as being
both Greek and American in the United States and when Greek law provided for
formal dual citizenship (US law has long acknowledged the existence of dual
citizenship).  Any assistance would be most welcome.  

I can be reached off-list at mariatrakas at gmail.com.


Maria Trakas

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