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The PanHellenic


newsletter is

produced to

keep you

apprised  of the


ongoing efforts -

and how you

can join in those

efforts to build a

better America



and Hellenism

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"This Foundation

has a single mission:

to promote education

by which Greek American scholarship recipients

become significant

achievers and, guided

by the values of their

Hellenic upbringing, contribute meaningfully

to the ongoing

development of

American society."

Our Next Event, Application and More...

The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce that our program for
 academic excellence will be granted again to Greek-American
undergraduate students.
The Foundation will be meeting in the spring of 2011, with its Board
of Directors,
Academic Committee and Advisory Board to finalize the plans for the scholarship
awards of the 2011-2012 school years.

At that time an announcement will be made regarding the scholarship application
and submission particulars, the Awards Gala dates, PanHellenic Honors
Society activities
and other information relating to the Foundation.

PanHellenic Honors Society

As has been the practice, all award recipients are automatically
inducted into the
PanHellenic Honors Society (PHS), the elite network where all members
can keep in
contact with one another and engage as a tight group as they prepare
to go forward
in pursuit of their life endeavors. Members of the PHS also keep the Foundation
apprised on their activities, so that a record is kept of their progress.

To facilitate the scope of work of the PHS, the Foundation is planning
a conference
for all PHS members currently proposed for June 10-12 in Chicago. Organizational
 efforts are under way and members are invited to respond regarding
their participation.
Other than travel expenses, all other costs will be covered by the Foundation.

This is a significant conference for the PHS and its members. The
agenda will cover
key regulatory issues such as structure, by-laws, governance, election
of officers
and formation of committees. Members are advised to respond about
their availability
and attendance. Their response is not binding at this point, but it is
needed now
as it will give us an idea about the right date selection, attendance and other

Our Students' Gratitude

We are overwhelmed with joy at seeing the response of our recipients
as they demonstrate
their sentiments of gratitude and fulfillment. Shown below are
excerpts from their
writings. More are available on our website

John Tucker Sigalos, Vanderbilt University

I am humbled, honored and grateful to have been selected as a
recipient of the 2010
PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation Award. Please accept my deepest
thanks and appreciation
for your philanthropy and for the privilege of being inducted into the
PanHellenic Honors Society.

George Stephwen Karas, Harvard University

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and the committee
for selecting
me as a recipient of the PanHellenic Academic Award. I am so humbled
to have been
chosen for this award, knowing that there were many qualified applicants.

Alexis Keramaris, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Ever since I was a small child, I have dreamed of attending art school. Since I
was recently named a recipient of the PanHellenic Scholarship, my
dream is finally
becoming a reality.

Sydney Thayer, University of Southern California

I am humbled and honored to be included as a member of the PanHellenic
Honors Society
and to have received this incredibly generous award from the
PanHellenic Scholarship



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