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Program in Hellenic Studies


John Philoponus and Maximus the Confessor:

>From Christianization of Philosophy

to Christian Philosophy

Grigory Benevich

benevich at Princeton.EDU<mailto:benevich at Princeton.EDU>

Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities

St. Petersburg Institute of Religion and Philosophy

Visiting Fellow, Program in Hellenic Studies

This talk deals with the approaches to philosophy and to theology that were demonstrated by John Philoponus (6th century A.D.) and by Maximus the Confessor (7th century AD) during their lives.  Periodization of their creative activity is given and some parallels in their lives are shown to exist in spite of all their differences. This comparison of their respective lives and approaches to some important themes of philosophy and theology allows clarification of a character of appropriation and usage of philosophy during the transition from the Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages. Several similarities and differences in the teaching of these thinkers are examined. These include particularly: the theory of logoi; the theory of particular and common substance used in Christology and the Trinitarian teaching; the static vs. the existential model of the Trinity; some aspects of anthropology (body-soul relations and embryology); attitudes towards Neoplatonism.  Finally, Philoponus's 'projects' on the Christianization of philosophy and the 'philosophisation' of Christianity will be compared to Maximus's 'project' on Christian philosophy with the teaching of deification at its center.

Grigory Benevich is Professor of Church History and Doctrine at the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities, St. Petersburg, and at the St. Petersburg Institute of Religion and Philosophy.  He has published several volumes in the "Byzantine Philosophy" series (http://byz-phil.narod.ru/) that he initiated in 2007. He participates in the International Project "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture" sponsored by The Theological School, Drew University. Grigory Benevich is an editor of several volumes of the Russian series. His publications include:  (in collaboration with Arcadi Choufrine) Problem Issues in Eastern Orthodox Dogmatic Theology (St. Petersburg: 2004) and "Maximus the Confessor's Affair" in Maximus the Confessor: Polemics with Origenism and Monoenergism (St Petersburg:  2007). P. 13-153. He is an editor of the Anthology of Eastern Christian Theological Thought: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy (St. Petersburg: 2009) and also is an editor and author of an introduction and commentaries of the Russian translation of Maximus the Confessor's Quaestiones et Dubia (Moscow-Athos: 2010).
Friday, March 4, 2011
1:30 p.m.
Scheide Caldwell House, Room 103
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