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*The American Embassy and the Collapse of Democracy in Greece, 1966-1969**
*On Sunday, February 27, 2011, Hellenic Link-Midwest presents Ambassador
(ret.) Robert V. Keeley, in a lecture titled "The American Embassy and the
Collapse of Democracy in Greece, 1966-1969". The event will take place at 3
pm at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 10249 West Irving Park Road at
Schiller Park (southeast corner of Irving Park Road and Mannheim Road by
Chicago's O'Hare Airport). Admission is free for HLM members and $5 for
non-members. ***

The so-called Colonels' coup of April 21, 1967, was a major event in the
history of the Cold War, ushering in a seven-year period of military rule in
Greece. In the wake of the coup, some eight thousand people affiliated with
the Communist Party were rounded up, and Greece became yet another country
where the fear of Communism led the United States into alliance with a
repressive rightwing authoritarian regime. The Colonels' coup came as a
surprise to the United States (which was expecting a Generals' coup
instead). Yet the U.S. government accepted it after the fact, despite
internal disputes within policymaking circles about the wisdom of
accommodating the upstart Papadopoulos regime. Among the dissenters was
Robert Keeley, then serving in the U.S. Embassy in Greece. This is his
insider's account of how U.S. policy was formulated, debated, and
implemented during the critical years 1966 to 1969 in Greek-U.S. relations.
This account is also presented in Ambassador Keeley's recently published
book "*The Colonels' Coup and the American Embassy: A Diplomat's View of the
Breakdown of Democracy in Cold War Greece"*,* *a Greek-language version of
which ha*s *also been published previously in Greece as "*Η** **Αμερικάνικη*
* **Πρεσβεία** **και** **η** **Κατάρρευση** **της** **Δημοκρατίας** **στην**
**Ελλάδα**, 1966-1969*". Ambassador Keeley will sign copies of his book.
*Ambassador (ret.) Robert V. Keeley* has served as president of the Middle
East Institute in Washington,  chairman of the Council for the National
Interest Foundation, working for peace in the Middle East, and as
Ambassador: to Greece (1985-89), Zimbabwe, and Mauritius. In 1978-80 he was
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, in charge of
southern and eastern Africa.  Earlier in his career he had assignments in
Cambodia Uganda, Jordan, Mali, and Greece. He has received the Christian
Herter Award, the Superior Honor Award, a Presidential Citation, and a
Presidential Distinguished Service Award. In 1985 he was elected President
of the American Foreign Service Association. Ambassador Keeley was born in
Beirut, Lebanon, where his father, was serving as the American Consul. He
was educated in Canada, Greece, Belgium, and the United States. He graduated
from Princeton University, with a major in English literature, and did
graduate work at Princeton and Stanford. He now works as a free-lance
writer, lecturer, and consultant. His interests extend to foreign affairs,
domestic politics, economics, and social policy. He has written: *Uganda
under the rule of Idi Amin Dada*,* 1971-73*; *The Colonels' Coup and the
American Embassy*, and *Η** **Αμερικάνικη** **Πρεσβεία** **και** **η** **
Κατάρρευση** **της** **Δημοκρατίας** **στην** **Ελλάδα**, 1966-1969*. In
1995 Ambassador Keeley founded the *Five and Ten Press Inc*., a publishing
company whose purpose is to publish original articles, essays, and short
works of fiction and non-fiction rejected, or ignored by the media and
mainstream publishers.
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