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My knowledge of Bulgarian and Russian helped me understand that singer 
(Katerina) is of both Serbian and Greek origin (mother is Greek) and she 
speaks both languages. She was born and educated in the US (studied physics 
in Harvard).

I am strongly against any effort to put an ethnic label to music, which is a 
universal language and in no way can be restricted in those fictionary 
political borders. So, just for fun, I am contributing another information 
according to which this very "Balkan" song in question has its origins in a 
theatrical performance given by the Armenian Theater in 
Constantinople/Istanbul in the 1870's.

This is not the only case of shared songs and melodies, of course. Some 
years ago, watching a documentary on the Greek TV on the Jewish community of 
Marseilles, I was so surprised to listen to my favorite folk song "Tzivaeri" 
(a "greek" song on the sorrows of emigration) as one of the traditional 
melodies of that very community (no lyrics though). Personally, kind of like 
this mediterranean Babel of music, which spiritually brings us to the 
pro-babel era.

Xanthippi Kotzageorgi-Zymaris

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> One thing brought another, and I finally arrived at
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDCDwQhPhCQ : why does the singer speak
> in Greek in 4:55-5:03?
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