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Just to add a note, although I am pretty sure many of the list members will know that there is a (rather controversial) documentary made about the search for the "true origins" of this song. The film  WHOSE IS THIS SONG? was made in 2003 by the Bulgarian director Adela Peleeva who travels the Balkans and records the different versions. Unsurprisingly, in each country they claim it is "theirs" and that the others have stolen it from them, until the whole thing literally blows up in flames towards the end of the film. The problematic representation of the Balkans aside, the film is still an interesting testimony to the mixed traditions of the region. Like the immurement legend the song is bound to be from somewhere else, and judging from the reactions of YouTube viewers in the segment below, they have even heard of it in Malaysia.



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> http://www.npr.org/2011/02/07/133566214/a-hawk-and-a-hacksaw-novelty-in-tradition&sc=nl&cc=sod-20110207
> Today's song of the day on National Public Radio
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