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Dear all,

NYU, SCPS, offers the following classes on Modern Greek for SPRING 2011: 
Evdokia Nikolaidou

MODERN  GREEK  CLASSES  at  NYU  SCPS Program of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting
Info:  http://www.scps.nyu.edu/index/continuingEducation.htm?sid=8964&durl=ALIN    
212-998 7030  Professor: Evdokia Nikolaidou Evdokian at aol.com Phone Registration:  212- 998 7171

M. GREEK II (Elementary ) M. 6:45-8:40 p.m.     starts Feb. 14, 2011		
This is a course for students who can read and write (even if not perfectly), are familiar with very basic grammatical forms and desire to advance their grammar, sentence structure and speaking/writing ability. They will engage in everyday practical dialogues in the present tense and write short accounts of daily activities and interactions. In the last classes the past tense will be introduced. Readings:  Ελληνικα  Τϖρα 1+1.

M. GREEK  IV  (Intermediate ) T. 6:45-8:40 p.m.	starts Feb. 15, 2011	.   

 This course presupposes the ability to read, write, and form simple sentences in the present, past and future and the knowledge of basic grammar forms and vocabulary.
At this level, students will complete the basics of Greek grammar while reviewing and refining materials from the previous levels. They will build their vocabulary so that they can express their personal feelings, interests and ideas with the help of frequent writing assignments. And computers’ software permitting, we will learn how to e-mail each other in Greek and explore Greek web sites. Finally, listening comprehensions drills will enhance students’ ability to understand spoken Greek. 
Readings: Ελληνικα  Τϖρα 1+1,  Ελληνικα Παραμυθια, Ακου να δεις 1.

TH. 6:45-8:40 p.m.   	starts Feb. 10,  2011			
This new course, offers the student a more in depth understanding of the Greek cultural context and the means to participate in discussions about issues of common interest. To this end our textbook materials will be supplemented with readings on literature, art (modern Greek painting and music) and magazine/newspaper/internet articles on society, as well as with writing assignments and listening comprehension drills.  

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