[MGSA-L] "A Hard Life" -- a film about an old woman in Epirus

Lampros F. Kallenos xalkinos04 at freemail.gr
Sat Apr 23 00:29:02 PDT 2011

Documentary Educational Resources have created a film about 
an old woman from a village in Epirus. A preview is 
available in youtube:

Kalliopi Kalogerou has spent her whole life in the Greek 
village of Ano Ravenia where she was born in 1900. Simple 
witness of the century, she lived through Turkish domination 
and successive occupations linked to different wars. Devoted 
exclusively to her life story, the result is a rich, yet 
austere film where nothing distracts the viewer from the 
dialogue and the face of the storyteller.


Λάμπρος Φ. Καλλένος
Ιδάλιον, Λευκωσία

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