[MGSA-L] Cyprus - Colonial documents to be released

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Colonial documents to be released
Published on April 10, 2011


CLASSIFIED documents are expected to be released by the British
Foreign Office which make reference to periods of liberation movements
in former British colonies and may concern Cyprus, said a British
Foreign Office spokesperson yesterday.

“It is very probable that some of the documents to be released will
refer to Cyprus,” said the spokesperson. “The procedure to be followed
for the release, including the time this will be done, will be the
responsibility of the National Archives,” she said.

The spokesperson clarified that she was speaking about the release of
those documents referred to in last Tuesday’s statement by Lord
Howell, not all the documents. She also said that it will be a few
months before the release.

The Cypriot uprising against British colonial rule began on April 1,
1955 and lasted four years.

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