[MGSA-L] Demonstrations by the Turkish minority in Turkish occupied Kypros

Lampros F. Kallenos xalkinos04 at freemail.gr
Sun Apr 10 02:15:15 PDT 2011

Turkish minority has gathered to yet another massive rally 
in occupied Kypros. Their opposition to Turkish occupation 
is still rising from their demonstrations a few weeks ago. 
In a characteristic incident in yesterday's demonstartions, 
some of the demonstrators removed the Turkish flag from a 
building presented by the occupation force as "the Turkish 
embasy", and replaced it with the flag of the Cyprus republic.

Obviously, these demonstrations of the Turkish minority are 
smashing to pieces the propaganda of American and English 
imperialism about what they present as "the isolation of the 
Turkish Cypriots". If something is isolating the Turkish 
Cypriots from the rest of the world, this is only the 
Turkish army occupying a large part of our life.

And if something is isolating the Turkish Cypriots, these 
are only the consequences of Turkish chauvinism, who has 
declared the occupied area into a state. This resulted in UN 
Security Council's resolutions asking all countries not to 
recognize this declaration and not to support it. The 
"isolation of the Turkish Cypriots" is similar to the 
isolation of a man convicted to jail. It is not exactly 
similar, because the people of the Turkish minority are 
receiving from the Cyprus Republic many benefits, being as 
they are citizens of the republic. They are even granted 
some privileges reserved only for them, such as medical care 
granted free for all Turkish Cypriots irrespective of their 

We are still away from a common struggle among Turkish 
minority and the Greeks. Nevertheless, these demonstrations 
are unavoidably a stream to the river of the future.

In yet another remarkable coincidence in human affairs, an 
American report circulated just yesterday, presented as 
describing human rights violations in all the world. The 
wolf who cares about the sheep, e.t.c. This report says 
nothing about the Turkish occupation, nothing about the 
refugees, nothing about the missing and undeclared prisoners 
of war, nothing about the destruction of cultural monuments. 
It is only powered by the hawks, the tomahawks, the bombs 
and the submarines of American military. (These limitations 
don't seem to prevent some people to consider it as 
"prepared by expert people" and to give it credibility).

So, supported by the western dominance in politics and the 
media, the report will gain a lot of publicity. Turkish 
Cypriots themselves, demonstrating against Turkey's presence 
in Kypros, the people of Kypros themselves, or the whole 
world for that matter, will not be asked for their comments.

The phrase "sleeping in the streets inside a carbon for 
years" is also not to found in the report.

About the demonstrations:


Even the _Persians_ themselves do not hesitate to tell the news.


Λάμπρος Φ. Καλλένος
Ἰδάλιον, Λευκωσία

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