[MGSA-L] Solving the problems in Greece - a REALLY constructive sugggestion ? <VBG>

June Samaras june.samaras at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 15:33:00 PDT 2011


The Greek people want their elected representatives to clean up the
mess and get their country moving, but the Greek government cannot do
this on its own, it needs to establish a coalition of national unity.
I realise that many Greek politicians are mummy's boys and always want
to get their own way, refusing to compromise, so my suggestion is that
we get more Greek women involved.

After all, a Greek woman has experience in putting up with the spoiled
ways of her menfolk; she also has experience in the practicalities of
balancing the household budget and living within your means while
maintaining ambitions for the family

So Modern Greeks, there you have a solution -- get together and fill
your Cabinet with independent women and you'll soon see action for the


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