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A website newspaper for UK Cypriots
By Poly Pantelides Published on April 3, 2011


CYPRIOTS in the UK now have access to an online-only English paper,
the Cypriot Chronicle, which aims to provide an intercommunal voice
for the whole of the Cypriot community there.

The newspaper stands out in that it is also targeting smaller Cypriot
communities, such as the Jewish community, the Armenians, Maronites
and Latin Cypriots who do not receive as much attention at their Greek
and Turkish Cypriot counterparts.

The website is still in its infancy - it was launched just days ago -
but it aims to be comprehensive, covering a range of topics including
politics, the economy, art, society, lifestyle and of course the news.

The newspaper is online and as such "international", says its creator,
Turkish Cypriot Alkan Chaglar.

However, the Cypriot Chronicle is specifically targeted to Cypriots in the UK.

"There was a gap in the market for this. There are very few truly
intercommunal newspapers. Helping the peace process aside, this is
ultimately a business venture," said Chaglar.

The future of newspapers is online, says Chaglar. "Take your newspaper
for example. It's hard to find the [print edition of the] Sunday Mail
in the UK but people read it online."

There are two main challenges for The Cypriot Chronicle.

The first is navigating through the terminological minefield - for
example Turkish invasion versus Turkish intervention - which will
inevitably arise from the newspaper's diverse target readers.

"It's probably the biggest challenge," Chaglar says.

"But it's important to note that this is not really about one ethnic
group versus another. There are overlaps between the groups but there
are different sections within communities," he said.

"I try to stick to neutral words and sometimes I keep things ambiguous."

The second challenge for the website comes from encouraging online
discussion without it degenerating into abuse, a hurdle common to all
news websites.

"There are always people looking for trouble," Chaglar said, admitting
he has been troubled by the possibility that the odd defamatory
commentator might make the website less enjoyable for the rest of his

Chaglar has no plans to allow this to happen.

"All comments will have to be approved by me and I will get help on
this. I'm also covered legally."

It may be too soon to tell if Chaglar's investment will pay off but he
said he's been "quite surprised at how many people are interested in
contributing content, in editing, and helping out with the website".

n Read the newspaper online at www.thecypriotchronicle.com

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