Quarantinis with CAL/AAEM - "Private Equity and the Future of EM" - July 14th, 5:00p PST

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Tue Jul 6 11:14:54 PDT 2021


 Quarantinis with CAL/AAEM - Register Today!



Join CAL/AAEM for our "Quarantini" virtual happy hour! Grab your favorite
beverage and snacks and network with other CAL/AAEM members.

When: July 14, 2021 | 5:00pm PT 

Where: Online - Zoom  

Topic: Private Equity and the Future of EM 

Featured Speaker: Mitchell Louis Judge Li, MD FAAEM and Robert M. McNamara,

Description: The field of emergency medicine is in crisis and it's
imperative that we act now. Private equity in medicine is not only
responsible for creating an unbalanced workforce and a concerning outlook
for emergency physicians, but also directly affects patient care. Tune in to
learn more about how the corporatization of EM for >30 years is affecting
EM, and what you as an EP, or future EP, can do to take a stand.

Win a Prize for Your Residency 
The residency program with the highest attendance turnout will win a
Doordash gift card to order pizza for their residency!

FpnvWXkfQk4YyUcJ7yRzCQ~~> Register Today






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