AAEM Creates Additional Position Statements Regarding COVID-19

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March 25, 2020


AAEM Creates Additional Position Statements Regarding COVID-19


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Dear AAEM Members:


Yesterday morning, AAEM posted a new set of position statements addressing
the right of emergency medical personnel to use self-provided PPE when
hospital-provided PPE is deemed by us to be inadequate, the right of the EP
to immunity from malpractice litigation arising from decisions made during a
State of Emergency in the face of low resource availability, and the need
for compensation for physicians placed on quarantine. These new position
statements were added after another emergency virtual board meeting, and
augment the five position statements posted last Friday. We have also signed
on to
98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> SAEM's Solidarity of Purpose to Confront COVID-19
statement and the
98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> COMMB's statement to suspend merit badge
requirements for hospital privileges during COVID-19. Dr. Moreno has also
met with our lobbyist, Matt Hoekstra from Williams and Jenson, to discuss
how we can move forward to propose both State and Federal legislation to
protect physicians' personal health, liability, and financial security. AAEM
is listening to you, but more than that WE HEAR YOU, and WE CARE ABOUT YOUR

David Farcy, MD FCCM FAAEM 
President, AAEM  
President-Elect, AAEM

AAEM Position Statement on Use of Self-Supplied PPE

AAEM believes that emergency physicians are entitled to wear self-supplied
PPE including respirators that meet NIOSH standards when, in their medical
opinion, hospital or healthcare facility supplied PPE is inadequate.


AAEM will offer support to any emergency physician threatened or terminated
for attempting to protect themselves and their patients in this manner. This
includes assistance with filing an OSHA complaint and pursuit of litigation
for wrongful termination.


AAEM believes that until sufficient evidence exists regarding the safety of
such, it is improper to downgrade the level of PPE recommended due to supply
chain issues.


AAEM supports other frontline healthcare workers in obtaining and using
self-supplied PPE as well.


98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> Click here to view the background evidence from
the WHO, CDC, and OSHA.

98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> Read the Statement

AAEM Position Statement Advocating for Immunity From Malpractice Litigation
During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians are being asked to make
difficult clinical decisions with limited resources. Patient care decisions
that may be best for an individual patient may not be feasible or
appropriate when viewed in context of the entire population. On March 13,
2020, President Trump declared a nationwide emergency pursuant to Section
501(b) of the Stafford Act. The American Academy of Emergency Medicine calls
for the federal government to provide immunity from malpractice litigation
for medical care that occurs during the period this nationwide emergency
remains in effect.

98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> Read the Statement

AAEM Position Statement on Ensuring that Frontline Personnel Can Provide for
their Families

Many frontline healthcare workers are being appropriately asked to
self-quarantine at home after potential exposures. While employees often
have vacation or sick leave time, independent contractors do not. Given the
personal risk frontline healthcare workers are taking to help fight this
pandemic, AAEM calls on Contract Management Groups, hospitals, universities,
or other entities who contract with and pay independent contractors to
provide pay when the contractor is forced to miss shifts due to a quarantine
order. AAEM further calls on independent democratic groups to develop a fair
mechanism to compensate their physicians should they miss work due to a
quarantine order.

98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~> Read the Statement


98hKnVxv4miVBmM0K9SF3w~~>  from these messages. 





Brian Potts MD, MBA
Managing Editor, CAL/AAEM News Service


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