Urgent Advocacy Alert: California Members -- AB 890 Updates

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August 20, 2020


Urgent Advocacy Alert: California Members -- AB 890 Updates


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August 20, 2020 Update


AB890 was put on the Appropriations Committee Suspense Calendar on 8/19/20
and will be heard TODAY, August 20th. Committee protocol does not allow for
testimony when bills placed on the Suspense Calendar are being reviewed.
However, we need to keep up the pressure for committee members to vote NO on
AB890 and hold this bill on the Suspense Calendar. 


Please, act now. 


Contact these senators and use your social media presence to amplify the
California Medical Association's messages. 


Sen. Atkins

*	Twitter: @SenToniAtkins
*	Email: https://sd39.senate.ca.gov/contact
*	Phone: (916) 651-4039

*	San Diego office: (619) 645-3133

Sen. Portantino

*	Twitter: @portantino
*	Email: https://sd25.senate.ca.gov/contact
*	Phone: (916) 651-4025

Sen. Bates

*	Twitter: @SenatorPatBates
*	Email:
*	Phone: (916) 651-4036

Sen. Bradford

*	Twitter: @SteveBradford
*	Email: https://sd35.senate.ca.gov/contact
*	Phone: (916) 651-4035

Sen. Jones

*	Twitter: @SenBrianJones
*	Email: https://jones.cssrc.us/e-mail-senator
*	Phone: (916) 651-4038

Sen. Weickowski

*	Twitter: @BobwieckowskiCA
*	Email: https://sd10.senate.ca.gov/contact/email
*	Phone: (916) 651-4010



Dear AAEM Members,


Bill AB 890 is currently being considered in committee in the California
Senate.  If it becomes law, it will allow NPs to practice completely
independently of physicians in any location, in any specialty, governed only
by the Board of Nursing. AAEM welcomes NPs and PAs working alongside us in
the emergency department but believes that all emergency care should be led
by a board certified/eligible emergency medicine physician. The AAEM
position statement is found here
e-providers>  for your review.


Emergency medicine is particularly vulnerable to scope of practice
infringement as more and more hospitals look to hire non-physician
practitioners to replace physicians. Accordingly, WE NEED YOU to email the
Senators on this committee to voice your opposition to this bill.  You must
do this BY TODAY, August 20th.


If you would like to use this automated form
<https://www.cmadocs.org/ab-890>  created by the California Medical
Association, please fill out your contact information, personalize your
submission, and click the red SEND EMAIL box. That's it! Anecdotes of
mismanagement are always useful to include when personalizing these


If you would like to create your own message, here are some talking points
you may use:

1.	AB 890 is overly broad and would allow NPs to practice independently
in any specialty they choose.  They can also switch specialties without any
further training.  The public is unaware of the lack of standardized,
accredited training programs for NPs and thus patients are put at risk.
2.	This bill will allow NPs to order and interpret radiographic imaging
such as xrays, ultrasounds and mammograms. Allowing NPs who have not been
trained in image interpretation provides substandard care to patients. 
3.	Full practice authority for NPs does not increase access to
healthcare in rural areas.  NPs do not go to rural areas any more than
physicians. In fact, in states with full practice authority (FPA), access to
physician care is declining as NPs displace physicians. This displacement
occurs in suburban and urban centers. Rural environments have even less
resources available to patients and these patients deserve physician-led
4.	The physician shortage is best addressed by training more
physicians. Patients prefer to have physicians leading their care.
Substituting physicians with lesser educated and minimally trained
practitioners is unsafe. We do not allow medical students with their 6,000
hours of training to graduate and treat patients unsupervised. We should not
allow Nurse Practitioners, with 600 hours of training, to do the same.



Please, act now. Your jobs and your patients depend on it.

President, AAEM

CAL/AAEM Board of Directors

AAEM EM Workforce Committee


Additional EM Workforce Advocacy Resources

*	AAEM - Updated Position Statement on Advanced Practice Providers
e-providers>  (1/29/19)
non-physicians-and-trainee-oversight> - Position Statement on the
Independent Practice of Non-Physicians and Trainee Oversight (8/14/2019)




Brian Potts MD, MBA
Managing Editor, CAL/AAEM News Service


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